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Schedule for Sep 11, 2009 :

sorry to report that we're closed...

after 29 years, we went out of business

due to irreconcilable differences with our

landlord, brought on on the economic downturn

& rising costs...

thanks for your patronage,

we hope you find other ways to brighten

the screens of your lives







Please note that for any rated "R" movie, any person under the age of 17 MUST have a PARENT at the boxoffice window to purchase their ticket. If you are 17 or older, you must have a valid ID to purchase your ticket.

Senior discounts apply for ages 62 & over.

Child discounts for ages 12 & under.

Matinee prices apply before 6 pm.

New weekly schedules come out on the Friday of each week, unless otherwise noted.

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